Elgin Children's Foundation

Who We Are

The Elgin Children’s Foundation was established in 1992 to meet the growing financial needs of children and youth in St. Thomas and Elgin who receive services from Family and Children Services.

Associated with Family and Children’s Services of St. Thomas & Elgin, but incorporated as a separate body with its own Board of Directors, The Elgin Children’s Foundation supports children’s needs and youth’s needs that do not receive government funding, or when such funding is insufficient.

The Foundation and its Board of Directors strive to improve the lives of children and youth throughout the county by ensuring that important additional supports are in place for the benefit of the children.

The activities of the Foundation continue to gain momentum, but public and corporate financial support is necessary to continue providing these extra but important services to our children.




Danial Dale

Ron Lidster Secretary - Treasurer
Brian Flint Executive Director, Family & Children's Services
Roger Campbell Janice Oldham
Victoria St. Martin Corinne Trottier
Pamela VanMeppelenScheppink Sharon Devries
Lynda Pressey Michael Barry