Elgin Children's Foundation

Who We Are

Established in 1992, the Elgin Children's Foundation serves as a vital resource for children and youth in St. Thomas and Elgin who rely on the services of Family and Children's Services.

The Elgin Children's Foundation, guided by its dedicated Board of Directors, is committed to raising critical funds and fostering community awareness. These efforts directly support Family and Children's Services of St. Thomas & Elgin in their unwavering mission to protect and empower children and youth, fostering strong partnerships with families and the broader community.

We envision a future where all children, regardless of their family background or financial circumstances, have the opportunity to thrive. We believe in providing enriching activities and experiences that ignite potential and fuel positive development.

Guiding Principles
- Safety and Well-being: We prioritize the safety and enhanced well-being of all children and youth.

- Access to Services: All children, youth, and families deserve access to essential services and resources that address their unique needs.

- Empowerment and Opportunity: We are committed to supporting, nurturing, and providing opportunities that enable children and youth to flourish alongside their peers.

By ensuring these vital services continue, the Elgin Children's Foundation plays a critical role in shaping a brighter future for our community's most vulnerable children and youth.



Brian Flint

Acting President
Barry Westman Treasurer
Brian Flint Executive Director, Family & Children's Services
Lynda Pressey Janice Oldham
Victoria St. Martin Myles Proulx
Michelle Valentin Hailey Bilodeau
Catherine McCallum