Elgin Children's Foundation Special Needs

Special Needs Requests

The Elgin Children’s Foundation makes an annual grant to support additional special needs of families whose children or youth may be supported by Family & Children’s Services.

These needs may include:

  • Recreation & Sports – extra-curricular activities such as Scouts, Brownies, martial arts, music lessons, dance classes, gym/YMCA memberships for children & their families.
  • Home Safety – items such as cribs, car seats, high-chairs, baby monitors, etc.
  • Medical Needs – items such as eye-glasses for children or youth
  • Household Needs – requirements such as beds, mattresses, bedding, emergency food

Special Educational Supports To Youth over 18 Years

Elgin Children’s Foundation also has an interest in providing supports to youth, former crown wards of the society 18 years up to the age of 25, who are pursuing educational goals. It is recognized that Family & Children’s Services has limited ability to assist the identified youth 18 to 21, and no ability to assist youth 21 to 25. It is further understood that these youth are leaving care with very limited funds, and often live in very impoverished circumstances.

The Elgin Children’s Foundation will make available support to youth who are identified by their social worker as requiring assistance in one of the following areas:

  • Tutoring
  • Apprenticeship costs
  • Purchase of books and/or assist with tuition costs
  • Housing/start-up costs/computer
  • Other activities associated with pursuing educational goals

How You Can Help

To receive more information about donating towards this annual grant for special needs for children, youth & their families, please contact us